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The term ZIP is an acronym that dictates how mail travelled in an area. Zip codes consists of a set of numbers (four and five digits). In general, zip code is used by post offices to ease their job, needless to mention that zip code varies from place to place. In the earlier days, the zip code number showed the number of postal units in an area. More recently however, the number represents city, streets and houses.

Zip codes may be translated into bar codes which are then printed on the body of the mail to make sorting of letters easy when they are fed to automated machine sorters. There are four main types of zip code mailing list and they includes:

1) Post office zip codes: these types of zip codes are used by post office and not any other person

2) Military zip codes: used when mails are to be delivered to the US military

3) Unique zip codes: assigned to a single address with large deliveries.

4) Standard zip codes: This is any zip code that does not fall into the other three direct emailing list.

How to buy mailing list by zip codes

There are different platforms offering the sale of zip code mailing list and they can be found all over the internet. Zip code mailing list helps to ease the work of businesses who render freight services (like online retails shops). This is so because zip code mailing list has details of residential houses and all other details that would make delivery easy. Some of the other ways in which zip code mailing list is invaluable are:

1) Consumer information: it provides the retailer information about the consumer such as age, gender, how long they have resided in the area and so on. This will aid the business in taking key decisions.

2) Marketing program: the knowledge of the type of people (senior citizen or not, high income earners or not and so on) will aid a business to develop an effective marketing plan that will aid them capture their target easily. dental email lists

There are various agencies that offer the sale of mailing list zip codes but when shopping for a mailing list by zip code, endeavour to take not of the following.

  • Updated: make sure you only go for lists that are updated regularly. Change happen on daily basis in a neighbourhood. People move in and other move out. Having an outdated mailing list is as good as not having one at all (it is advised that you go for one that is updated at least monthly). direct emailing list

Sufficiency of information: only shop for mailing list by zip codes with sufficient information. Some of the information to look out for are; Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Age Dwelling Type, Estimated Current Home Value (ECHV), Estimated Income, direct emailing list